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November 15 (Thu) 2012
New Music
I am pleased to announce my latest release: 4 tracks of downtempo electronica

In addition to BandCamp (player + link below), iTunes , Amazon, SoundCloud, etc, The Middle Beat EP is also on Bittorrent, so hit up your favourite tracker and be sure to seed it. My last album, Big Dirty Hifi, is up there too!

April 8 (Sun) 2012
Mr. Pinchy (dubstep track)
I wrote a song about my favourite lobster (Mr. Pinchy) and then I remixed it into a dubstep track.

Check it out!

January 31 (Tue) 2012
I have a blog where I'll be posting about things that interest me: music (obviously), martial arts, Chinese language and culture, food, philosophy, sartorial matters, or whatever tickles my fancy.

You can reach it by clicking on the "Message Board" link in the top bar of every page on this site or by going directly to http://ronineville.wordpress.com/. Check it out and subscribe for updates!
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